how it works


Addicts are often told that “you are born with this disease, which is not your fault. However, you are responsible for the treatment of this disease.” I am a believer of this sentiment and I’ll make it my mission to guide you in building a strong foundation and healthy lifestyle that will maintain your sobriety and keep you grounded through life’s inevitable challenges.



Create a Successful Program

We will create a customized, daily program that will keep you sober and comfortable.


I will provide consistent, personal motivation to help you strive to become the best version of yourself.


Let’s work together to discover what is getting in the way of your sobriety.


We will form an honest and accountable relationship, which will prevent destructive behavior and misguided thinking.


Many years of sobriety have taught me much about what works and what does not. I want to be a resource and guide, helping you navigate the difficult road of early sobriety.


Having one of those days? Text me to schedule an in-person or phone session. I am here for you.

Your willingness, commitment, honesty and hard work will ensure your success!